Day 141 – Rae Carson

Rae Carson

Rae Carson is the author of the YA Solo tie-in novel Most Wanted, the novella “Hear Nothing, See Nothing” that was a part of the anthology Canto Bight, and the short story “The Red One” that was part of the From a Certain Point of View anthology.

Carson is also the author of The Fire and Thorns Trilogy and The Gold Seer Trilogy.

Here’s an interview with Rae Caron back from 2013.

You can learn more about Rae Carson’s work on her website.

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  1. October 4, 2018

    […] Dawn in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Qi’ra is also one of the main characters in the novel by Rae Carson Most Wanted which takes place before the events of Solo. You can also find Qi’ra in the […]

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