Day 108 – Female Pilots in Return of the Jedi

Female Pilots in Return of the Jedi

Vivienne Chandler (left) and an unknown actress (right).

Were there any female rebel pilots in Return of the Jedi? From a certain point of view – yes. But there could have been a few more if editing had gone a different way.

Below is a screenshot of actress Poppy Hands who played on A-Wing pilot in Return of the Jedi. She appeared in the film, but her dialogue was dubbed over with a male actor’s voice.

female pilots Return of the Jedi

Two other women shot some footage as pilots in the Battle of Endor, but none of these scenes made the final cut of the film. You can see footage of all three actresses in the video below.

When I did the breakdown of women in Return of the Jedi for FANgirl blog I also spotted these two female rebel pilots in the briefing room.

These women were the first female pilots in Star Wars (The Empire Strikes Back had some female Rebels, but not pilots). Audiences would have to wait for The Phantom Menace to get a female pilot who had some lines.

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