Day 106 – Korr Sella

 Korr Sella

Korr Sella (Korrie) served as an envoy to the New Republic in The Force Awakens. The majority of her role was cut out of the final version of the film. Sella worked under General Leia Organa and died on Hosnian Prime while she was delivering a warning from Leia about the dangers of the First Order.

Here’s a screenshot of Korr Sella right before Starkiller Base destroyed Hosnian Prime.

And here’s the scene with Sella and Organa that was deleted from the film.

Korr Sella appeared in the novel Bloodline, The Force Awakens novelization, graphic novelization, and comic adaptation. You can also find Korr Sella in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers played Sella in The Force Awakens.

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